Data Privacy & AI

Data Privacy & Artificial Intelligence Services

Expert advice to help organizations comply with ever-changing data privacy and artficial intelligence regulatory environment

Cyber Advisory Partners has unique knowledge of computing technologies (including edge computing, dev ops and zero trust security) as developed and deployed in Federal government and commercial markets.  We have established relationships with agencies, OEMs and contractors in all of the cybersecurity, national security, and intelligence communities.

We also offer a range of unique services relating to data privacy, data protection and artificial intelligence.  From strategic consulting to the development and implementation of data management programs to preparing for a wave of new Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) requirements, we help our clients meet all of the new and evolving legal challenges relating to data.  Our expertise spans GDPR, the EU Artificial Intelligence Act, the President’s A.I. Executive Order and the 15 new State laws and regulations relating to data privacy, including Washington’s, Nevada’s and Connecticut’s new rules on consumer health data (excluding HIPAA’s PHI) such as restrictions on the geolocation and tracking of health care providers.

Our services include due diligence support for investment and M&A transactions, validating the target’s technologies and markets while identifying the legal and regulatory risks that exist and will exist both pre- and post-closing.  For example, we provide: 

Sample Engagements & Deliverables

  • Strategic consulting re data management
  • Data inventory and privacy impact assessments
  • Fractional CPO / DPO Services
  • Technology roadmap analysis
  • Privacy notices & policies
  • Data protection assessments
  • Consent & opt-in/opt-out forms
  • Consumer health data analysis
  • Sensitive data analysis
  • Incident Response Plans
  • Data breach remediation
  • Cyber-insurance review
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Audit representation

Our Preferred Partner

One of our founding advisors is Steve Britt, Counsel for Cyber, Data Privacy & Technology at Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP, a 300-lawyer firm with offices in Washington, D.C., Atlanta and the Carolinas.  Steve is an expert in GDPR and Federal and State data protection laws & regulations, including the new 15 states laws on data privacy, the E.U. Artificial Intelligence Act, the President’s Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence and the new FARs relating to cybersecurity, incident response and secure software development.  Steve holds the CIPP/E and CIPM certifications for data privacy and will soon acquire the AIGP certification for artificial intelligence.  Click here to view Steve’s bio.

Steve provides strategic advice to us and to our clients relating to data protection but is also available for engagements on specific matters at discounted hourly and project rates that are independent of a client’s relationship with us.  Those engagements are independently executed and subject to all standard attorney-client protections.

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Counsel: Cyber, Data Privacy and Technology

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