Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Expert advise to help organizations comply with ever-changing data and privacy regulatory environment

In addition to our cybersecurity and national security related services, we offer a range of services relating to data privacy and data protection.  We have unique knowledge of the state of computing technology (including edge computing) and its development and use in the Federal Government and contractor community, as well as its potential impact on data protection.  We also have a strong understanding of what many State and Federal agencies, commercial technology partners and investors are seeking in those areas.  When our special insights on data protection are relevant, we incorporate our analysis directly into our cybersecurity advisory services for our clients.

On the other hand, due to the uniquely legal complexities of data protection, from GDPR to the EU Artificial Intelligence Act, to Federal and now 15 State laws and regulations and to the pending wave of new laws & regulations on artificial intelligence, we refer certain compliance issues to a preferred outside law firm to assist our clients in these areas.  This enables our clients to take advantage of a broad scope of additional support services such as those detailed below. 

Sample Engagements & Deliverables

  • Data inventory
  • Analysis of applicable laws
  • Privacy notices & policies
  • Data protection assessments
  • Consent & Opt-in/Opt-Out Forms
  • Consumer Health Data Analysis
  • Sensitive Data Analysis
  • GDPR ROPA/DPIA/Records
  • Data Breach Support
  • CPO / DPO Services
  • Regulator Investigations
  • Audit Representation

Our Preferred Partner

One of our advisors is Steve Britt, Counsel for Cyber, Data Privacy & Technology at Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP law firm.  He is an expert in GDPR and Federal and State data protection laws & regulations, including those relating to artificial intelligence.  He holds the CIPP/E and CIPM certifications for data privacy.  

Steve provides non-confidential strategic advice to us and to our clients relating to data protection but is also available for engagements on specific matters for our clients at project and consultative rates that are independent of a client’s relationship with us.  Those engagements are independently and voluntarily negotiated with Steve and are subject to all standard attorney-client protections.

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